Distance Learning

We're Fully Online (hear us out!)

We were once a face-to-face tutoring service, but COVID-19 moved us online. Once restrictions eased and we were allowed to resume face-to-face sessions, EVERY single student and educator wanted to stay online. So, we've fully embraced online tutoring now as the benefits are clear.

Some of the benefits that online tutoring with Bespoke Learning Australia include:

The location that tutoring takes place is flexible (maybe it's at home, but it could also be at the school library or parents' work).

Learning is more focused and efficient, plus all resources are now available online and can easily be shared between learner and tutor.

Your geographic location is no boundary to accessing tuition from some of Australia's finest educators.

Our educators use the best equipment (like virtual whiteboards and interactive software).

Here is a short clip from a numeracy session with a BLA learner, 8 year old Rachel: