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What Do Parents Look for in a Tutor? Top Tips for Choosing the Right Tutor for Your Child

You may find yourself in a position as a parent that you feel your child could benefit from after-school tutoring. It may be that your child’s teacher has identified a need and you want to ensure your children aren’t falling behind at school. In this article, we’ll look at ways you can assess and select the right tutor for your child.

There are lots of options for assessing and choosing the right tutor and educator. The first step is to assess what areas your child needs further development in and identifying their needs. Understanding weaknesses and strengths will help in selecting the best tutor for your child.

BeSpoke learning offers highly skilled tutors across various subjects. Here are some things we recommend you look for in tutor:

Experienced Tutors

It may seem obvious that you want an experienced tutor for your child, but not all experienced educators will be the right fit for you. You want to find a tutor that has experience with students that have a similar situation to yours. This will give you some assurance and confidence that your after-school tutoring is effective and has a positive impact on your kids learning and development.

Subject Specialists

We all have strengths and weaknesses including educators and tutors. After assessing the needs of your student, it’s time to match that need with the right education specialist. As an example, if you have identified a need for your students to development further mathematical skills, then you’d want to find a mathematics expert – be sure they also match the year level of education as well.

Persona, Attitude and Relationship

There’s no doubting that when we are engaged in any kind of learning activity, we will see a development of skills over time. Just ensure your tutor has the right attitude and can build rapport and a relationship with you and your student. It is so important that your tutor creates a partnership with you and your child from the outset.

Flexible Tutors and Versatile Teaching Style

Different students are at different levels of learning and there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. The right tutor and educator can assess and adapt to your child/students learning style and pattern. This is essential to ensuring a successful outcome.

Motivation is Key

A motivated tutor that can make learning fun and helps motivate your kids. This will ensure a good learning environment for after school tutoring. They may offer a reward as part of their learning program or just have a view of driving enthusiasm in the way they teach and educate your child.

Tutors’ experiences, personalities and teaching techniques are all important when assessing and choosing the right tutor for your child or student. If the tutor you initially selected doesn’t seem the right choice, you should not hesitate to consider alternate options.

At BeSpoke learning, we offer highly skilled tutors across various subjects. We make it easy for you to assess and review the skills and biography of our educators and tutors online. Selecting the right tutor for your children and their after school learning and development has never been this easy.

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