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Is Online Tutoring Effective? Everything You Need to Know About Online Tutoring

Today we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of online tutoring and the effectiveness it has on students. Tutoring is no doubt frequently seen as an integral part of your child’s learning and development; but will online tutoring work for my child? Let’s find out.

Private tutoring isn’t just for the elite, nowadays parents factor the cost of tutoring as part of their education budget for their kids, and rightfully so. Tutoring can be highly effective in developing the right skill sets and equipping your students with fundamental skills and adapting to their learning techniques.

When we think about online tutoring and access to teachers and educators online, now more than ever amidst the covid-19 pandemic, it makes sense to consider online tutoring for your kids as a positive way to help them achieve the best results possible at school and throughout their educational timestamp.

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Across Australia, parents are considering online tutoring to address the problems brought on by the pandemic, especially since lockdowns have forced home schooling and this has caused students to fall behind in grades and miss that classroom learning environment.

So, what makes for a good online tutor and educator?

Engagement is essential for your students online learning! Educators and tutors that are offering online learning and private online tutoring will be more effective if they can identify and engage with students. It is essential you consider working with a tutor that strategically re-engages students when they see the typical signs of disengagement.

Expertise and knowledge is key for online tutoring!

To make online tutoring effective, one-on-one teaching through private after school educators that present an expertise in the subject areas is essential. Expert online educators and teachers are also able to recognise common weak areas, what’s holding your student back and how to apply effective strategies that will help address these problem areas.

Does online tutoring work?

We all know that private tutoring; online or in person have their advantages and disadvantages. The key however to online tutoring is to identify which elements are typically missing when compared to in person tutoring and incorporating these into online learning and development methods.

As an example, when you book a private tutor for your child in-person, the tutor can see, interact, and engage with the student and jump-in to assist when they see a problem. Creating a similar environment for online tutoring is easier today with a range of tools such as live video and digital whiteboards – creating an in-person experience, online.

BeSpoke Learning offers a range of expert tutors and educators and offers in person and online tutoring designed to give your students and children the best possible learning environment that works for you.

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