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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Private Tutor for Your Child

Are you considering hiring a tutor for your child? In this article we look at some of the reasons why you should hire a tutor for kids and the benefits tutoring can have for your child’s academic and personal growth and development.

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1) A learning experience that is personalised for your child

We all know that every child is different and the same is applied to their learning needs and abilities. Relying only on classroom learning may not be enough, as young students in the classroom are all at different learning levels. Hiring a private tutor can help ensure you are giving your child the best possible chance at achieving academic success both in the classroom and at home.

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2) Learn more and learn faster with a private tutor

There are different learning styles amongst kids with some being more visual and others more hands-on. When students are faced with a learning style that isn’t suited to them, it becomes extremely difficult for them to comprehend and absorb the information.

Having a private tutor engaged with your child’s learning and development will ensure you child is being tutored in a way that works for them. This results in faster and more efficient learning.

3) Developing a passion for learning with your child

There’s no doubting when someone is passionate about something, the outcome of achieving success is far greater than that of those who are learning with reluctance. The impacts of this also cause a lack of confidence at school and in life. Providing your kids access to a tutor can help develop their passion for learning and that’s because they are being taught at their own pace and in way that works for them as individuals.

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4) Understanding your kids’ strengths and weaknesses at school

Let’s face it, no one wants to be the person that “didn’t get it” and raising your hand to ask a question creates fear that other kids might start name calling. So instead, you don’t raise your hand and pretend to have understood – when really, you have no idea.

Take the same scenario and apply it to a private session with a tutor, where there is no one to make fun of you and no fear to ask questions. Now, weaknesses are identified and can become focus areas for your child’s development.

5) Convenient and affordable after-school tutoring

One of the best reasons if hiring a private tutor is that it provides convenience of your kids learning at their own pace and in the comfort of your home. It’s more affordable than you think and the small investment you make now in your child’s education will help ensure they grow the right skills for school and life.

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One on one learning for some kids is essential and there’s nothing wrong with not being able to keep-up in the classroom. It’s what we do as parents and guardians for our kids to help boost their confidence at school and give them the best chance at developing the right skills and mindset for learning.

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